Pod download page

We are working on making various 'demo' pods available for your PeARS install. Please note that they are automatically created, so they may not be exactly what you might want them to be!

These pods can be installed directly from your pear, by going to your 'Pod management' page and clicking on 'Find a pod'. Alternatively, you can also click on the name of a pod down here, and save the associated CSV file. You can then index that file locally by going to your pear on localhost:8080 and choosing the 'index from file' option on your 'Pod management' page. Once you're done, you're ready to search!

Remember, when you search, that those are very small indices. You may not find what you're looking for, because it's simply not indexed! If you get frustrated, join us in our indexing campaign!


Star Wars

792 pages about
the Star Wars universe

Harry Potter

593 pages about
Harry Potter (books and films!)

Black Panther

340 pages about
the latest Ryan Coogler film

Politics and society


624 pages about
the Brexit process


1175 pages about
anarchist movements

Black Panthers

506 pages about
the political organisation founded in 1966

Science and culture


359 pages about
AI and its relation to society

String theory

307 pages about
string theory


258 pages about


Back pain

373 pages for
back pain sufferers


622 pages about

Family planning

1545 pages about
planning or not planning children