1. A genetic algorithm for the fruit fly

    Remember those fruit flies? We are now breeding them! The best offspring will find its way into your PeARS install.

  2. A map of the Web

    In order to cover as many topics as possible in the distributed PeARS index, we set out to extract and cluster topics from the English Wikipedia. Those will be seeded with Fruit Fly hashes of relevant documents.

  3. First baseline results from the Fruit Fly Algorithm

    First results are out! How does the Fruit Fly Algorithm perform on document classification?

  4. An introduction to the fruit fly algorithm

    Our new project, codename Fruit Fly, is investigating a state-of-the-art algorithm derived from a biological model to bring Web indexing to the masses.

  5. PeARS: recipient of an NLNet award

    We are very grateful to the NLnet foundation for their award designed to our new PeARS project, codename Fruit Fly. The award will allow us to support two research assistants on the project.

  6. How to create a PeARS pod from your Firefox bookmarks

    Follow tutorial on using PeARS to index your Firefox bookmarks and share the resulting pod with your friends.

  7. Which Web indexer are you?

    There are many reasons to use PeARS and start indexing the Web. But what is yours? Read our profiles, and discover which Web indexer you are!

  8. 'We will snow': the web indexing campaign

    Announcing phase 1 of PeARS, codename 'Orchard': a decentralised Web search system allowing people to easily index their favourite web pages (i.e. produce a computer-readable, searchable representation of the pages' content). Its main feature is the ability to convert a small index into a greyish, unassuming picture, called a 'snow pod'. Snow pods are the mini-weapons of the indexing revolution: infinitely shareable, combineable, the building blocks of the people's Internet.

  9. PeARS in Cambridge

    Some members of PeARS team (Nandaja, Hrishi, Behrang and Aurelie) met in Cambridge (7-11 Nov. 2016) for a week of coding, workshop-ing, eating and getting rained on. Mayalayam semantic space created. Lots of hairdryer hacking. Lots of chai pe charcha.

  10. PeARS: recipient of a Mozilla MOSS Award

    PeARS team is very excited to have been chosen as one of eight recipients of a MOSS "mission partners" award. We congratulate the other grantees who all have exciting projects, from anonymity preservation to game engines and screen readers for the visually impaired!